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Newsletter - issue nbr 6 - May 2013


Message from President and CEO

Previous editions of NML News focused on the Direct Shipping Ore Project (“DSOP”), which is at an advanced stage of construction by our partner, Tata Steel Minerals Canada, and on the Taconite Project, which is the subject of a detailed feasibility study. Neither of those projects could exist without the exploration programmes that identified, measured and evaluated the iron ore bodies. Exploration remains crucial to NML’s long-term growth. A modest programme of diamond drilling totalling 500 m at five sites in Labrador and 1,700 m at 12 sites in Québec is planned to start in June 2013. NML obtains the required permits from the concerned provincial governements, conducts pre- and post-drilling inspections, provides oversight during the drilling and ensures a full clean-up. NML also consults the concerned First Nations, conducts surveys for archaeological and heritage materials, takes Elders on periodic overflights to check for the presence of caribou and stops drilling in the presence of caribou. In these ways, NML tries to avoid environmental damage and to limit impacts for the First Nations users of the land.

As NML’s presence in the Schefferville-Menihek area increases and its involvement in the communities expands, NML wants to make sure that it implements policies and measures to improve its practices in both the environment and social realms. This issue of NML News focuses on some of those initiatives.


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